RFC: PEP243: Module Repository Upload Mechanism

Dave LeBlanc whisper at oz.net
Mon Mar 26 21:22:32 CEST 2001

After reading the PEP, that was my thought too: there should be a
platform-independent setting for os.

Also, How would one distinguish between (for example), NT Workstation
vs NT Server (ditto for Windows 2000) - there are a few differences
between them that can control whether or not an app will run on one
but not the other I believe. How about the patch level of the OS -
Currently i'm running Windows NT Worstation 4.0sp6 for example. Patch
level does make a difference (sp4 screwed up tcp/ip - only Microsoft

How about a generic "Linux" for those cases where the app is set up to
build/run on _any_ linux distro (if that's possible)? Ditto for
Windows meaning any windows... Could this be "Windows-any..." ? What
about a case where the app runs on some few of these os's, but not
all? (i.e "linux-only" for example (bad programmer, BAD!)).

One solution might be to have a webpage form where one could click on
the os's etc. that apply and also has an upload button... Not being
familiar with distutils, this might be redundant, but maybe this form
could encourge people to put some descriptive text to go along with
their submission.

A minor niggle: any reason it's ix86 and not just x86? Is someone
besides intel and clones going to build x86 architecture? Come to
think of it, x86 isn't just Intel anymore what with all the clone
makers like AMD, National, Transmeta...

Sorry, another minor niggle: "swalowpost.cgi" is cute, but not nearly
as meaningful (or frankly, as credible) as something like
"submitmodule.cgi". Some management types just have no sense of humor

Um... btw, it's "swallow", not swalow :-)


Dave LeBlanc

P.S Would or could your server be smart enough to do
tar.gz->tgz->zip->bzip repackaging for different users?
While not really necessary, it might tend to increase comfort level
for some ("where the @#$%@ do I find bzip for windows?" someone might
say...). (I do know where to find bzip for windows :-).)

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001 02:15:37 -0800, Nathaniel Gray
<n8gray at caltech.edu.is.my.e-mail.address> wrote:

><posted & mailed>
>Sean Reifschneider wrote:
>>     The following are valid os names:
>>         aix beos debian dos freebsd hpux mac macos mandrake netbsd
>>         openbsd qnx redhat solaris suse windows yellowdog
>> [snip]
>>     Version is the official version string specified by the vendor for
>>     the particular release.  For example, "2000" and "nt" (Windows),
>>     "9.04" (HP-UX), "7.0" (RedHat, Mandrake).
>>     The following are valid architectures:
>>         alpha hppa ix86 powerpc sparc ultrasparc
>Can any or all of these be set to None, or some equivalent?  Python code is 
>often cross-platform, after all.
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