newbie needs help installing NumPy, reference material.

Travis Oliphant oliphant at
Mon Mar 19 05:56:13 CET 2001

> Hey everyone,

Hi Noah,

> Just trying to get numeric python installed on a win2000 machine with python
> 2.0, Idle, etc installed (but without a c compiler). I've downloaded
>, but am unclear about
> whether it's the right version (there's an 18.0 version) and how to install
> it.  The documentation at was a little outdated.

If I were just getting started as you are, I would probably download the
Python 2.b1 binary and the new Numeric that Paul
just made from the Numeric CVS tree.  It has support for rich comparisons
and inplace operators which will be very useful for you.

Get the Numeric zip at sourceforge.

Good luck,

Travis Oliphant

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