Einstein's Riddle

Rob Brown-Bayliss rob at ZOOstation.cc
Tue Mar 13 09:12:37 CET 2001

> The question is: "Who owns the fish?"
> Hints:

First: As a child I was neither oasweed nor a brit, a german, dane or
norwegian.   I had as pets a cat, a dog, a budgie (from which I never
bit the head off of), some gold fish and at last three ocassions
multiple tanks of tropical fish.

Second:  The sweed keeps dogs, but are they his?

Third: Any one who smokes is a fool, even if they keep fish or belive no
one else can solve trivial problems

Fourth:  When is his more important "I cant do this!" question going to
be answered (the one uniting realativity and gravity with the McDonalads
money making theory?)

Fifth:  I drink beer, but don't own a horse.

Sixth: All my neighbours drink water.

Taking all that in to account - Why would a known smart fella ask the
world (how else did he know that most of you could not answer it?) an
obviously unimportant question? - unless his wife had an unexplainable
reciept for fish food...

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