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Steve Lamb grey at
Thu Mar 22 14:12:11 CET 2001

On Thu, 22 Mar 2001 03:59:54 GMT, alan runyan <runyaga at> wrote:
>how are you approaching python?  what is your level of experience w/ python?
>what kinda books do you like? reference, explanatory, or 'by example' ?  My
>favorite is Essential Reference, David Beazley did a incredible job.

    No disrespect towards Beazley, he's a large reason why I work in Python as
much as I can now but his book semmed to be pretty much a dump of the
postscript of the website to a printer.  Not that that is a bad thing as it is
the /only/ Python book I own and one I recommend to anyone who has passing
familiarity with other scripting languages (Perl comes to mind).  You're
correct in stating it is sparse on the examples but it is a rare case where
I've really needed the examples.  Python being as interactive as it is I tend
to learn by firing up Python in a separate window and then playing with the
syntax until it works out in that session before plopping it into my script.

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