gah! I hate the new string syntax

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Fri Mar 9 04:28:59 CET 2001

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> On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 06:51:07PM +1300, Paul Foley wrote:
> | On Wed, 7 Mar 2001 15:33:30 -0500, D-Man  wrote:
> |
> | > What about one who is both English and Scots, yet never set foot on
> | > that island ;-)?
> |
> | AFAIK, nobody outside the US would admit the existence of such a
> | thing.  The American habit of calling themselves "Irish" or "Italian"
> | or whatever when they're not is *very* strange.  I've never heard
> | anything like it anywhere else.
> Heh.  Maybe Americans are very odd.  Wouldn't surprise me at all.  ;-)
> I was born in America and have lived in America all my life.  I do
> have English, Scots, Irish and Welsh ancestry though.  One could argue
> that I am not really American since none of my ancestors came from
> America.  "Real" Americans would be the so-called "Indians", or more
> appropriately "Native Americans".  (Also Aztecs, Inca, etc., and their
> descendants such as the Quiche)
> -D
QED. You are neither English nor Scottish. But since you're American, and
therefore very odd, this probably won't bother you ;-)


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