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In article <slrn9b0ijs.ccb.kzaragoza at kzaragoza.ne.mediaone.net>, Kris J. Zaragoza wrote:

>Just a minor nit:  The languanges that are being discussed are not
>actually typeless.  They are typed, but dynamically.  Every object in
>Python, for example, has some type associated with it, and as a
>result, the semantics that follow from that type.  You cannot thus put
>a string in the middle of a mathematical expression.  Relatively few
>of the "scripting" languages in popular use today are weakly typed or
>typeless (Perl and TCL come to mind.)

I would consider TCL to be degenerately typed: everything is a

I tried to write a program in TCL once many years ago.  After
the bleeding from the ears abated, I switched to Scheme.  ;)

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