A counter-counter-proposal for PEP 236: #pragma( nested_scopes)

Warren Postma embed at geocities.com
Fri Mar 2 21:34:02 CET 2001

Sallied for Warren:
> > Has anyone considered borrowing a C notation:
> >
> > #pragma( nested_scopes )
> >
> > Benefits:
> >     - It's a comment therefore it doesn't break anything else.

Thusly spake Peter:
> But that's dead-wrong behavior for future_statements.  If your module
> nested_scopes semantics, it will do unpredictable wrong things at runtime
> it doesn't get them.  That's why PEP 236 is emphatically *not* a "pragma"
> proposal.

Hmm.  I wonder how many people would be happier with this syntax

from __twilightzone__ import nested_scopes



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