Good GUI for Python

Paul Prescod paulp at
Fri Mar 23 23:33:42 CET 2001

> ±i¸Î¯q wrote:
> Hi, All
> I surveyed 3 GUI framework for Python including wxPython, PythonWin's
> included win32ui and Tkinter. My development environment is Mark
> Hammond's PythonWin downloaded from ActiveStates.

In general, the open source Python IDEs do not deal well with code
written in a GUI framework OTHER than the one the IDE was written in. So
Python MFC code will not work well in IDLE and Tk code does not work
well in PythonWin.

More advanced IDEs do not have this problem because they run the Python
programs in a separate process. ActiveState's Komodo is an example of an
IDE that can support any GUI (or even code embedded in Zope or Apache
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