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Fri Mar 23 05:15:15 CET 2001

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> Sean 'Shaleh' Perry writes:
> > On 22-Mar-2001 Don Dwiggins wrote:
> >> A semi-idle question: has anyone looked into embedding Python as an
> >> extension language in Emacs, alongside Elisp?  I'm toying with the idea
> >> doing some Emacs enhancements/modifications, and given the choice, I'd
> >> rather do them in Python.  (One such enhancement would be to add
> >> Pythonwin-style "intellisense" popups to python-mode.)
> >>
> > An editor that spoke python would not be a bad thing.  However, trying
to get
> > emacs to speak python strikes me as an amazingly good way to waste
> > brain cells you have left.
> I'm not sure we're on the same page.  If by "trying to get emacs to speak
> python" you mean abandoning Elisp and rewriting the entire .el library in
> python, I'd agree wholeheartedly.
> What I had in mind was the ability to "load" a .py file (.epy?) _in
> to_ .el files.  Then you could (re)write extensions in either language.
> Yes, of course it would likely be an ambitious project, which is why I
> called it "semi-idle" -- I just thought someone might have been
> motivated/foolish enough (delete whichever is inappropriate) to tackle it.
>From (fading...) memory, I seem to remember Tim Peters was fairly convincing
about why this would end up being pretty much a waste of time.

'rs  - steve

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