MySQL-python build griefs

Will Ware wware at
Tue Mar 6 03:35:08 CET 2001

Mark Wilson (m.wilson at wrote:
> this may well have _nothing_ to do with your problem however, I experienced
> similar grief with distutils on a similar box.

I finally did find a fix. There's a point in around line
195 or so where it says something like:

    try: v = string.atoi(v)
    except ValueError: pass
    done[n] = v

Then later it depends upon the fact that done[n] is a string, when it
tries to concatenate it with other strings. I replaced the first line
above with "try: vvvv = string.atoi(v)" so that v would remain a string
and not be converted to a number. I think I could have equivalently
just removed the "try" and "except" lines entirely.
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