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>I'm trying to convert a java application to jython.
>I use the IBM java toolbox JT400.jar to access data on a AS/400 bat
>not able to do the same thing with jython.
>With java I added jt400.jar to the CLASSPATH but in jython???
>Anyone could help me?

Works for me:

Jython 2.0 on java1.1.8 (JIT: symcjit)
Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import
>>> my400 =
>>> my400.getVersion()

What are the problems that you are having? Error messages?

BTW, I'm cross-posting this the Jython on AS/400 mailing list. If
you are using Jython to access an AS/400, you might want to join -
see <>.

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