Subclassing builtin types

Daniel Klein danielk at
Sun Mar 4 18:44:39 CET 2001

One of the classes I have to write  is merely a wrapper around a 'list' object.
A very abreviated example,

class MyParams:
      def __init__(self):
            self.parameters = []
      def append(self, object):
      def insert(self, i, object):
            self.parameters.insert(i, object)
      def del(self, i):
            del self.parameters[i]
etc, etc...

This would allow me to do things like

p = MyParams()

Since I know you are going to ask :-), there are two main reasons I need to do

1) I need to ensure that a certain 'capacity' is not exceeded. I will probably
have class variable which is checked in all methods which add objects to
'parameters' and then raise an exception if 'capacity' is exceeded.

2) I can only allow certain types of objects to be added to the list, so these
too will be checked where necessary and appropriate exceptions raised.

What I would _REALLY_ like to do is subclass list something like

	class MyParams(List):

so that I can inherit all of the list methods and only override the ones I need
to. In Smalltalk this would be accomplished simply with

	OrderedCollection subclass: #MyParams

I had actually thought of creating a generic List class that could be reused in
cases like this.

So two questions:

1) Are wrapper classes for the builtin types a feasible (and pythonic) thing to

2) Are there another ways to accomplish what I'm trying to do here without
creating my own class hierarchy?

Thanks for any and all help, you people have been a wonderful lot to deal with
during this new-language learning period.

Daniel Klein
Portland OR USA

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