How can I get the logged in users username on Win32?

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Fri Mar 2 14:11:47 CET 2001

It's pretty easy to use Python with WSH. Install the win32all extensions,
which will register the ActiveX scripting engine. Then just create a python
script with a .pys extension. Here's an example that will display the
machine name and currently logged on user:

  # wsh.pys
  # A Windows Scripting Host file that uses Python
  objNet = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
  WScript.Echo(objNet.ComputerName + " - " + objNet.UserName)

To run it use the command: wscript "W:\My Documents\Source

There is a chapter on Active Scripting in the book Python Programming on
Win32 by Mark Hammond & Andy Robinson. I highly recommend you get it.


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After searching through the Python Docs, I found that on Un*x I could
use getpass.getuser(), but there is no equivalent for the Win32

In other words, how can I get the username in Windows?

As a side note, how can I enable Windows Scripting Host support for
python - there is mention of python in the original WSH docs - and if
I can use python scripts in WSH how would I call the built-in



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