Editing Python source as XML?

Andrew Markebo flognat at flognat.myip.org
Tue Mar 13 21:17:43 CET 2001

You don't need to go xml, there are a mode for emacs, hideshow, that
can fold in and fold out depending on stuff like indentation, brackets
and so on.

You don't have a beautiful tree to navigate in, but it is quite


/ Steven Haryanto <steven at haryan.to> wrote:
| [...]
| What I would like is an editor that presents the source file as a
| tree outline, where I can collapse selected class or function
| definition body, certain long if's/for's, some section of code,
| view/hide the asserts, etc. So then I only have to deal with the
| section I am concentrating with and don't have look at other
| distracting parts (especially in C with all those #ifdef/#endif's,
| argh...).
| [...]

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