Chinese text GIF file generation

William Park parkw at
Sun Mar 11 22:45:09 CET 2001

On Sun, Mar 11, 2001 at 09:36:18PM -0000, hungjunglu at wrote:
> Is there anything in Python (or C library) that take as input a text 
> file in Chinese (BIG5/GB) and generates a GIF file? (Preferable in 
> Windows.) I would imagine someone already wrote something for this in 
> C...
> If there is something similar for Vietnamese, I'd like to know, too.

Because there is so many variables (ie. font, style, size, ...), I don't
think there is package that does what you want.  However, you can use
LaTeX to produce Postscript format, and then convert it into GIF.

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