[ANN] xmlrpccgi.py 0.1

Kalle Svensson kalle at gnupung.net
Mon Mar 5 01:40:36 CET 2001

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xmlrpccgi.py is a CGI XML-RPC server, for those of us not lucky enough to be
able to run our own daemons.

This is a first release, expect bugs.  I'd really appreciate feedback.
There's no documentation yet, but check the test() function.
Any questions?  Don't hesitate to ask.

It uses xmlrpclib by Secret Labs, which can be found on

URL:       http://gnupung.net/programming.php#xmlrpccgi
Download:  http://gnupung.net/download/xmlrpccgi.py
Demo:      http://gnupung.net/cgi-bin/xmlrpccgi.py
License:   GPL

About XML-RPC:
  XML-RPC is, as the name suggests, a protocol for remote procedure calls.
  It uses XML over e.g. HTTP.  Design goals were:
   * Cross platform compatibility.
   * Human readability.
   * Easy implementation.
  More info: http://www.xml-rpc.com/

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