Can Python replace Visual Basic? Should it?...and generalities : )

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Wed Mar 7 07:26:20 CET 2001

"Brad Bollenbach" <bbollenbach at> wrote:

> But then, as seems to be often the case, people seem to blur the
> differentiation between "easy programming languages" and "easy programming
> tasks". How many people have written 30,000 lines out of _any_ programming
> language and still refer to it as being simple to work with?

Solving a task in different programming languages might result in
surprisingly different line counts. Therefore changing from an
unproductive language to a more productive one might reduce a big
solution to a much smaller one which might easier to work with. Of
course, this depends on the readability of the language giving the
smaller solution.

> As, you mentioned in a reply to the other thread of this thread (heh),
> coding really is the most insignificant part of a large programming project
> in a coporate environment. In theory at least, you should have a clear idea
> of what you're going to do before you do it, in which case the coding
> (almost irregardless of the language) is often times just grunt work.

You know the difference between theory and practice, do you? <wink>

No matter how clear an idea you have of what you're going to do, the
final code is not insignificant and it is the one thing which will be
there to be maintained for a long time. I have a lot of sympathy for
the XP position that the code is the only thing that really counts.

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