Einstein's Riddle

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The statement you posted suggested that no owners have the same, well,
taking this logically I am assuming that this means they cannot share the
same pet, the statement does not explicitly specify that no two people can
own a fish, they could own different fishes, this would not be the same pet,
perhaps as a consequence of this, uncertainty comes into play and everyone
owns the fish at the same time.  I wonder if Einstein saw the quantum
implications behind his riddle.  Hehe

Only Joking

Ashley Mills
Gregory Jorgensen <gregj at pobox.com> wrote in message
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> I just looked at a bunch of web sites I turned up with Google searching
> "einstein riddle fish." All of them conclude that the German owns the
fish. I
> didn't find any confirmation that Einstein actually conceived the riddle
or said
> that only 2% of the population could solve it. Nor could I determine if
> original author wrote the riddle in English, German, or some other
> Clearly my statement that the puzzle can't be solved puts me in a
minority. If
> you assume that SOMEONE keeps fish the puzzle can be solved with a little
bit of
> logic. Perhaps the intent of the riddle is to show how few people can
devise a
> useful and logical methodology.
> Greg Jorgensen
> Deschooling Society
> Portland, Oregon, USA
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