Commercial Products in Python?

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Sat Mar 24 00:06:38 CET 2001

Victor Muslin wrote:

> A friend of mine is considering developing a shrink-wrapped commercial
> product. Python seems like a possible choice, but it is not clear
> whether there are any precedents (though probably similar concerns
> apply to a Perl-based product).
> I would very much appreciate an advice in this area and possibly
> answers to some of the following questions:
> 1. Are there any existing shirnk-wrap commercial products written in
> Python?
> 2. If so, what are they? has shrink-wrap apps written significantly in Python.

> 3. What is the best way to go about it? Is it better to have customers
> install Python and give them bytecode files or use one of the programs
> that creates an executable?

If it is truly a commercial app you should have your own professional installer that installs Python and the application.  Using a tool that creates an executable may be nice, but not a requirements IMO.

> 4. There is an easy shrink-wrap install for Python (at least on
> Windows NT). Are there such on Unix/Linux platforms? (Typically
> customers don't like having to compile software from source).

Sure - your installer would do basically what the Python installer itself does.

> 6. Are there any licensing issues to be aware of?
IANAL - read the license :)

> Anything else that comes to mind in this direction would be very
> helpful.

Just do it (tm) :)


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