Python Programming on Win32 (was: Magnitude of the wx* market (was: Python In A Nutshell - suggestions))

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Fri Mar 16 00:08:05 CET 2001

OK, glad you like the Python Cookbook, and please do contribute!  About the 
need for "more specific topics on Python Development"...we're working on it.
Thanks for the added feedback on the Win32 book.
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>> To try to address your other concerns (your mini rant), we are planning
>> application-oriented books in the Python space, but these will be for
>> developers.  I hear your concerns about books that cover Python apps, but
>> ORA's main focus has always been for the developer, and that's where
>> see most of our books.  I can't speak for all of the other
>> out there.
>Hmm... I guess I didn't make myself clear.  I'm not really interested in
>Python apps.  I'm interested in more specific topics on Python Development.
>In short, don't make me learn VB, Perl, or C++ just so I can THEN figure out
>how to do it in Python.  (This is a general statement to all publishers, not
>just O'Reilly.)
>The void in how to program in Python has been filled by several good books.
>The basic language is no longer an issue.  How to do usefull tasks is. This
>is where I have to go to current books written for other languages (And yes,
>I just got my copy yesterday Programming Python 2E. ;-)
>In Python Programming On Win32's case, it suffers from too much breadth, not
>enough depth. It would be much better to chop the cookbook sections up into
>a seperate series of books.  As for .NET, if the Common Language Runtime
>becomes cross platform, you won't have to call this a Win32 series anymore!
>> Please do check out The Python Cookbook
>> (  You mention an interest
>> system administration, databases, network programming.  These are all
>> sections > in the Cookbook.  Feel free to contribute recipes, or take any
>with you!!
>It's about time! <wink> I was complaining about a need for a Python Cookbook
>here several months ago!

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