daemon app in win32

Michael Bauer Mike_B at T-Online.de
Mon Mar 26 19:02:27 CEST 2001

Steve Purcell wrote:

> Michael Bauer wrote:
>> i am writing a daemon application that runs both under windows and unix.
>> Since i am not very experienced in win32 - programming, i really would
>> appreciate some hints how to register my app in win32 that i can do some
>> cleanup-functions when windows is shut down.
>> At the moment it is just a standard console application that simply gets
>> killed when windows shuts down. The app does not have/need a GUI, it
>> should just run in the background.
> If you're using NT, take a look at the win32service API. I think it
> provides hooks like SvcStop that Windows will call for you (if you ask it
> nicely).

Hmm, seems like this is only available under NT. Is there a more general 
way to accomplish this task independently of the underlying Windows-version?

But maybe i should just get a life and write different wrappers for Win95, 
Win98, WinME, Win200, WinNT... :-(
still hoping... Mike

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