Where are the examples/samples?

Jonathan Soons jsoons at juilliard.edu
Sat Mar 31 18:57:37 CEST 2001

I recommend my method:
I bought a couple of books, read up on the basics,(DO NOT WASTE TIME BY
READING A WHOLE BOOK AND FORGETTING IT) then I embarked on a project
involving file opening, reading, text file processing, sending output to
new file and printer. I ran into many problems that the book solved by my
reading ahead, or the newsgroup solved.
In summary: Get yourself a project (HTML related??) and generate some
examples. Everything else will fall into place.

I now live in moderate seclusion, consider getting a pet, and occasionally
take a partial mental inventory of my obsolete computing hardware.

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After looking at every Python book in the local bookstore and at every
Python-related site I could find on the Internet I have to admit that
perplexed. I've seen a number of posts that have asked for examples of
things and when I follow the links - where are the examples? Lots of
lots computer-science indulgence, but no examples. Most recently tried
to get
started on using BaseHTMLProcessor.py (or HTMLLIB or SGMLIB or whatever)
and an
example called dialect.py was given to illustrate its use. The latter
translates things into Pig Latin, among other things! I can't tell what
part of
it involves HTML and what part is just fooling around with something
else. Does
anyone know of examples anywhere that illustrate usage at a bare bones
where you can simply see how the interfaces work? I suspect that
Python would go a lot better if one could skip the theoretical stuff and
get on wiht working examples. You can come back and pick up the theory
Anyhow, if anyone else sees this as a problem and has found an answer
then I'd
appreciate hearing what it is.  

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