I'm sure there's a good reason!

Ken Seehof kens at sightreader.com
Thu Mar 22 00:49:26 CET 2001

Does this answer your question?

>>> a = r"Am I using \"raw strings\" now?"
>>> print a
Am I using \"raw strings\" now?

If (odd) trailing backslashes were allowed, the example wouldn't
parse like that.

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> Can any of the assembled experts explain to me why:
> print r"\hello"
> is fine, but
> print r"hello\"
> isn't? In other words, why does the backslash escape quotes in a raw 
> string? At one level I'm going to guess (without reading the spec) that 
> it's because "that's what the spec says", but why? I thought the idea of 
> raw strings was that they /didn't/ handle escapes!
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> Tim
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