Python In A Nutshell

Don Tuttle tuttledon at
Sat Mar 10 16:59:16 CET 2001

"Franz GEIGER"
> That's one of his qualities and should be greatly appreciated. Alex
> things and allways figures out the PYTHONIC way to do things. For me it
> always is a pleasure to read Alex' answers. It' s high time that Alex
> a book, isn't it? Consider this: A book has to save you time. If one
> too much you can pick out what you need for your problem at hand. If one
> writes too little, the book is a waste of time.

I agree with you. What Aahz and I are doing is sometime referred to as "just
pick'n".  Believe it or not, it's an American way of showing affection
towards a friend, something that might not be so obvious to an international
audience like this one.

So let be clear, I have no doubt's Alex's book will be a valuable addition
to any Python library.  I'm very much looking forward to it. (That's why in
my first post I was complaining about it NOT already being in the

One last thought.  I wonder it the reason we haven't heard from Alex is that
there's no Unicode mapping for hand gestures? <wink>  (i.e. Just pick'n  ;-)


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