learning python...

Benoit Dupire bdupire at seatech.fau.edu
Wed Mar 21 21:33:10 CET 2001

Simon Kesenci wrote:

> If you know programming, forget _Learning_ _Python_.  I tried _Programming_
> _Python_ last year, but it covered version 1.3.  A good book if they
> updated it since then.  As a programmer, you should find the online
> tutorial easy and helpful <http://python.org/doc/current/tut/tut.html>.

Programming Python was updated and now covers Python 2.0
I am reading it, actually, and, till now, I find it great.. (but I am only page
35! ;o) ).

This edition is intended to be the 'sequel' to " Learning Python"... so yes,
you can try to read the Python tutorial and this book...

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