Use site-packages on all platforms

Pete Shinners shredwheat at
Fri Mar 30 19:44:04 CEST 2001

"Moore, Paul" <Paul.Moore at> wrote
> Attached is a first draft of a proposal to use the "site-packages" directory
> for locally installed modules, on all platforms instead of just on Unix. If
> the consensus is that this is a worthwhile proposal, I'll submit it as a
> formal PEP.
> Any advice or suggestions welcomed - I've never written a PEP before - I
> hope I've got the procedure right...

i heartily agree with this proposal. let's keep user installed
packages/modules/scripts out of the executable directory. it's

although it is out of the scope for your pep, i'd also like to
get hear some initial ideas for standard documentation/examples
locations and formats. my package comes with many tutorials and
examples, but i haven't found a consistent place to store them
on all platforms.

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