is it possible to use Tkinter on linux

Grant Edwards grante at
Fri Mar 9 21:07:02 CET 2001

In article <Xj_p6.189678$df5.5158755 at>, Wayne Izatt wrote:

>> someone knows that it is possible to use Tkinter on linux? if
>> it is, what program I should need to use Tkinter on linux, how
>> to install , which environment variable should I set.

>as i recall (this was with 1.5.2 anyway) tkinter could be
>enabled as part of the build process (by default it wasn't). it
>was quite well documented in the source code, so start there.

Tkinter wasn't enabled by default in the build process, but
don't most Linux's come with Tkinter already installed?  The
RH-derived ones all do.  THe others mostly all have it
available as an optional package somewhere on the CD.

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