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Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Fri Mar 16 14:58:06 CET 2001

"Jamie MacIsaac" <jamie at> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> I've just started looking at Python and would like to use it to perform
> simple admin tasks on a Windows network. However, I'm having difficulty
> finding out how to accomplish elementary tasks.
> Can someone please point me to sample code that shows how to map a network
> share and copy some files? Is there a central resource of code samples?

win32net (part of the win32all extensions) does that sort of 'networking'
tasks (and, yep, Hammond's book does cover it inter alia).

If you have win32all installed (and if you don't, visit ActiveState
and download and install it!), there will be a directory such as
D:\Python20\win32\demos which has various Python demo/example
sources -- have a look at and you'll see some
example uses of the win32net and ancillary extension modules.


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