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Tue Mar 27 21:08:47 CEST 2001

This one time, in band camp,
  Russell Nelson <nelson at> wrote:
> "Jay R. Ashworth" wrote:
> > > Right now, it does moving maps (UTM bitmaps), track recording, and
> > > playback. Will select the "best" of multiple maps.
> > 
> > No *schidt*.  Cool, Russ; thanks.  Any plans to do vector map data as
> > well?  (Yeah, I know, I know; "it's never enough". :-)
> I'm pretty ignorant here.  What sources of vector information are there,
> how big is the dataset, and how do I render it so I can use lat/lon or
> easting/northing to get my location?

There are *stunning* amounts of vector data, all in different formats. 

I'm trying to (get time cleared up to) sort some of that all out even
as I type.

> > Did you use wxPython?
> No.  I used pygtk, which is a set of Python bindings to the gtk
> toolkit.  I also used libglade to load up an XML file of widget
> definitions, and the python bindings to libglade.  The cool thing is
> that somebody could write their own glade file, and use it with pygps on
> a machine with a big screen.


> I ended up with a little Python gps program, a big NMEA parsing module,
> and a Lat/Lon to GPS converter module.

Hmmm.  Cool.
-- j

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