slightly OOT: packaging Python 2.1b1 in RPM

Steven Haryanto steven at
Tue Mar 20 07:15:17 CET 2001

I am packaging Python 2.1b1 on RedHat 6.2, rpm 3.0.5, using
spec file modified from Jeremy's beopen-python.spec for
BeOpen-Python 2.0.

In the very latest step of %install, I generate an automatic
file list using find:

find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/ -type f | grep -v 'file-list\.txt' | \
     sed -e "s|^$RPM_BUILD_ROOT||g" > file-list.txt
find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/python2.1/ \
     $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include/python2.1/ -type d | \
     sed -e "s|^$RPM_BUILD_ROOT|%dir |g" >> file-list.txt

and feed it to %files:

%files -f file-list.txt

so I can be pretty sure that the package will not be missing
any file.

However, when rpm is scanning for files, /usr/man/man1/python.1
is not found because it has been compressed and becomes
/usr/man/man1/python.1.gz. This must happen after the %install,
since 'find' still lists the uncompressed one.

Any hint why/what program did this?


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