string.find() ?

Jay Collins jcollin at
Tue Mar 13 16:30:10 CET 2001


 I'm using string.find to look for a string I get out of a popen() and it
doesn't appear to ever find what I'm looking for. Below is an example. It
always returns -1 no matter what I'm looking for. I was even looking for
root which should show up a bunch of times. Hopefully, someone can tell me
what I'm doing wrong.

-----------------------------<Cut Here>--------------------------------

import sys
import os
import string

output = os.popen('ps -auxww')
l = output.readlines()

size = len(l)
print "Size =",size
idx = 0

while idx < size:
        print string.find('snmpd',l[idx])
        idx = idx + 1

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