Einstein's Riddle

Brian {Hamilton Kelly} bhk at dsl.co.uk
Wed Mar 14 17:39:44 CET 2001

In article <3aae4114.63604234 at nntp.interaccess.com>
           olczyk at interaccess.com "Thaddeus L Olczyk" writes:

> I also figure the fish thing was simply a typo, and that this guy (
> who hasn't resdponded ) was probably given this as a homework
> assignement, and is simply looking for a cheap way to get it done.

It wasn't a typo; after all, one TROLLS for fish.

"No fair", starting a troll by cross-posting to EIGHT groups.  One's
supposed to limit the initial posting to no more than eight groups.

At least "Graham" hasn't cheated on the classic criteria for a troll by

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