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Tue Mar 20 02:48:39 CET 2001

Hi, this is practically a FAQ type question.

Look at this article on the O'Reilly network (O'Reilly is a publisher)  It is
aimed at people who are new to programming in general and Python in particular.

As proof of Stephen Figgins genuineness, even though he is writing for the
O'Reilly web site, he does not recommend any of the O'Reilly books :-)

Documents on the web are linked on  In
particular, there is a fairly new section titled "Introductions to Python
programming for non-programmers."  Most of these are described in detail in the
O'Reilly article.  If you are not able to process LaTeX, the one you should get
if you want to print something out is Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python, which
has a PDF version The
others are HTML documents so you would have to download/print them chapter by

The standard replies to this question are the tutorial that is on, as
well as O'Reilly's Learning Python.  But both of these (and all of O'Reilly's
Learning ... series) tend to be for people who already know how to program and
want to add Python to their repetoire.  (of course, this may just describe you.
Look at the Python Intro page for the section labled "Full Tutorials"

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