Unresolved symbols in MSVCRT.DLL when running a py2exe packaged program.

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at ion-tof.com
Fri Mar 2 18:39:06 CET 2001

> "Rolander, Dan" <Dan.Rolander at marriott.com> wrote in message
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> > I agree with Robin and Gordon's assessment. It's risky at best to
> distribute
> > system dll's with your application, and impossible to upgrade system dll's
> > on Win2K because of system file protection.
> >
> > Dan

"Tom" <NoSpam at NoSpam.com> wrote in message news:4rQn6.14308$UZ4.4134344 at news4.rdc1.on.home.com...
> I disagree.
> You can distribute system dll's.  You are expected to, and sometimes you
> have to.  You must insure that the version you load is at least equal to the
> version that you linked against.

These are different resposibilities:

py2exe should simply create an executable, and should
copy dlls needed by the executable into the dist directory.
Unfortunately is does this also for SYSTEM dll's.

py2exe shouldn't, it should maybe only do this for user
dlls, and print a list of system dll's needed.
Maybe it shouldn't even print this list...

Ensuring that the system dll's are installed/upgraded
on the target system should be left to an installer
like WISE or InnoSetup: They can replace in-use dlls,
they can do proper version checking, update the ref-count
of the dlls, and so on.



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