relational/boolean operator overloading

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>>Not sure what advice to give you with current Python, but Python 2.1
>>introduces rich comparisons, which may give you what you want.  See
>>PEP 207,
>Pep 207 looks great for my posted topic. However its solves half of the
>problem. The missing part is about overloading 'and'/'or' operators, also
>because this PEP allows for comparisons returning any object. How to chain
>such results with booleans, beside a trivial truth test ?
>Say we have: "(sa > 10) and (sb < 100)". I would expect PEP overloading to
>carry out relational filtering for the two sets and to return two result
>sets, while some "and" overloading would connect them to return a final
>result set.

There's some stuff being done on the numeric side of Python that may be
relevant (in terms of set operators and such).  I don't know enough
about it to give you a good search term, though.
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