loading Python20.dll during run-time under Windows

Vadim Zeitlin zeitlin at seth.lpthe.jussieu.fr
Sun Mar 11 03:32:45 CET 2001


 I have an application which can use Python for scripting but it is not
essential to its work, i.e. it works mostly fine without Python. So I'd
like to be able to install it even on systems lacking Python installation
but for this I need to [try to] load Python.dll during run-time instead
of linking to it directly.

 Has anyone done this before and is there any (C) code I could reuse?
Normally, there is no problem with doing what I want (especially
after realizing that I need to have USE_DL_EXPORT defined...) but
the perspective of having to manually write all the code needed to load
the functions from the DLL is not very, hmm, encouraging just because there
are quite a few of functions and so I'm looking for a slightly less painful
way to do it.

 Thanks in advance for any help!

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