sorting on IP addresses

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Wed Mar 7 09:29:54 CET 2001

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> Sam Wun <swun at> writes:
> > Does anyone know what is the quickly way to sort a list of IP addresses?
> >
> > ie. should be larger than
> Convert to longs and sort on those values?
> Not all that quick, I suppose, but I don't know of a faster correct way.
> I suppose you could do it one octet at a time, which might be faster
> for cases like your example where the addresses are fairly close.
> The actual code for either of those approaches is short and
> straightforward.  Just write a little function to compare two
> addresses using the method of your choice, and pass it to your list's
> sort method.

...or, if the list is longish, use the decorate/sort/undecorate
design-pattern, which is faster for all but very short lists.

def sort_list_of_ips(list_of_ips):
    import socket
    temp = map(socket.inet_aton, list_of_ips)
    return map(socket.inet_ntoa, temp)

The full-fledged d/s/u pattern would append each item to its
sort-key, but we don't need it here since we can recover the
item's full information-content from the key itself.  Thus,
we can use the faster map for decoration and undecoration,
rather than list-comprehensions as are generally needed.


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