python suitability for large critical run forever apps

Cary O'Brien cobrien at Radix.Net
Tue Mar 20 21:50:23 CET 2001

In article <mailman.985105416.28251.python-list at>,
Oleg Broytmann  <phd at> wrote:
>   I recommend you to look briefly into some projects, written in Python.
>Zope ( is well-know web application server. It is
>multithreaded server, that can run for months without any problem. Mailman

I can vouch for this also.  We have a (lightly loaded) zope server
that handles bug tracking with a PostgreSQL database.  As far as I can
tell it will run forever, at least it has never failed in the year and
a half we've had it up. The only thing keeping us from 3-figure
uptimes (100s of days) is the power.  I guess we should buy a ups, eh?

The major thing you need to watch for is memory leaks.  Run the thing
with load for a while and watch the thing with top or ps or something
to make sure the memory usage doesn't grow.

-- cary

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