I don't get it (Extending C/C++)

Moritz Voss thygrrr at gmx.net
Fri Mar 9 18:30:37 CET 2001

I'm somewhat stumped by all the weird function names in the Tutorial of the
2.0 Manual...

Is something like this possible:
I call a Python function from my C/C++ program. I pass it two pointers, one
to an array with data, and one to an empty space where it can put its

I don't even remotely see a way how to do this in the Tutorial, it's just
full of (to me) irrelevant stuff about callbacks etc...I feel stupid here,
folks ;-)

Also, is it advisable to invoke the interpreter (do I even do that? what DO
I do when I execute a python function?) several hundred times? (running
about 500 instances of several, sometimes identical python scripts times
would be likely for medium load of my application).

I'm sorry, I just don't /understand/ the Python concept...yet.

It looks all so cool, but I don't have a clue about how to use it.
(I plan to use it as a scripting language to customize application component

Moritz "Thygrrr" Voss

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