Good Editor? (What's the big deal with syntax colouring?)

Dan Schmidt dfan at
Mon Mar 26 17:45:24 CEST 2001

grey at (Steve Lamb) writes:

|     Don't do much coding in the dark, do you?
|     I never understood why people insist on it "looking like paper"
| when there is one major difference.  Paper is reflective, a monitor
| is projective.  I've never been blinded by a 19" piece of paper 3'
| from my face but I sure have been blinded by a 19" monitor 3' from
| my face because of this "looking like paper" bit.  :/

The last time I saw this debate, someone made the observation that,
in general, people who use computers in lit rooms prefer black on
white and people who use computers in dark rooms prefer something
light on black, and both of them have good ergonomic reasons for
their preference.


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