ANNOUNCE Mailman 2.0.3

Robin Becker robin at
Tue Mar 13 01:05:06 CET 2001

In article <mailman.984437116.20063.python-list at>, Barry A.
Warsaw <barry at> writes
>[I think I forgot to announce the Mailman 2.0.2 release on these
>mailing lists.  Apologies.  -Barry]
>I've just announced the 2.0.3 release of Mailman, the GNU Mailing List
>Manager.  Mailman is released under the GNU General Public License
>I highly recommend that all sites running earlier versions of Mailman
>upgrade to 2.0.3.  This release includes the important privacy patch
>from Mailman 2.0.2.  Sadly, Mailman 2.0.2 contained a small but nasty
>typo requiring this new version.  Mailman 2.0.3 is being released as
>both a gzip'd source tarball and as a patchfile.
thanks, I've just installed 2.0.2 and set up my first list. It's not a
problem for me now, but is it easy to install over an existing
Robin Becker

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