Questions about no more nested imports

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Sun Mar 11 20:44:13 CET 2001

whisper at (Dave LeBlanc) writes:

> I'm a bit confused by this. 

 | <- the right end                        the wrond end -> |
 |                         the stick                        |
                                            you're about here

> It appears that if this is enforced, one can no longer dynamically
> load extensions/whatever dynamically and all imports must be done at
> the top of a module prior to anticipated use - whether used or
> not. If this is true, then load times for python apps could go up
> drastically.

The only thing that's getting banned is "from blah import *" and
"exec" without "in" in a set of fairly restricted circumstances.

Read the PEP:

(specifically the section "Backwards compatibility").


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