Collection interfaces

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> topmind,
> > Okay.
> >
> > For the sake of argument, let's say that OO shines if the app is very
> mathy.
> >
> > But, what about the rest?
> What the rest any different from the very mathy?  The classes and objects
> don't care what their behaviors are.

They do if their behavior is mathy.

> It use to be that people said you should never implement a compiler using
> because for all of the "obvious" reasons.  Then someone did it and found
> that their solution was essentially as fast, easier to maintain, and
> produced a smaller code base.  As far as I am concerned the same
> was had by the "data-visualization" industry.
> Now -- where is that procedural code -- I have the OO code in hand?
> Regards,
> Randy

I don't consider that a "typical custom biz app" because it requires a
math *specialty* and I don't know enough about that narrow specialty to

Most apps I work with use very little math beyond adding and multiplying
and dividing. Thus, my math skills have greatly rusted over the years, as
many other biz app programmer's.

This is NOT saying that biz apps are simple, but just not complexity in the
math sense.


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