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In article <j6kr6.68748$ML1.3282888 at e420r-atl2.usenetserver.com>, Steve Holden wrote:

>> > This is nothing more difficult than in C.
>> Sorry but it is. There's just so much less lurking under
>> the hood in C.
>But by this argument, assembly code is even better!  

Yes, but not much.  C is little more than a portable assembly
language.  If we're talking about embedded systems, a competent
programmer pretty much knows what assembly language the C
compiler is going to generate for each line of code he writes.
Example: for a particular processor/compiler combination he
should know whether it's faster to increment a pointer through
an array or to increment an index through an array.

>It's always a question of selecting language features because
>they are appropriate to your problem domain.

If there were some way to disable C++ features, then yes, that
might be feasible.

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