Why Python/Jython?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 23 07:48:30 CET 2001

"Steve Holden" <sholden at holdenweb.com> wrote in message
news:srzu6.12868$_46.475705 at e420r-atl2.usenetserver.com...
> > Programmer performance is usually gauged by coding time and
> > number of bugs, both of which are vaguely proportional to the number of
> > lines of code in most sane languages*.
> >
> > * Perl is a noteworthy exception
> >
> I saw no inconsistency here. Why would Perl be an exception to your rule?

Lines of code may not be proportional to 'code size' in languages
which afford many styles, one of which is 'insanely compact'.  I
am not sure this really changes things wrt Perl -- a given
individual coder is likely to have roughly constant density of
'code size'/line in his or herl Perl code -- but it surely applies to
APL.  In any case, #bugs and code time depend on code-size
(e.g., number of 'operators' in some vague sense), which in turn
may be only indirectly proportional to measures such as SLOC.


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