urllib.urlopen doesn't accept Unicode strings.

Martin von Loewis loewis at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 21 23:31:22 CET 2001

"Syver Enstad" <syver at NOSPAMcyberwatcher.com> writes:

> The offending line is at 241 in urllib.py (python 2.0)
>     def open_http(self, url, data=None):
>         """Use HTTP protocol."""
>         import httplib
>         user_passwd = None
>         # next line patched, original line was: if type(url) is type(""):
>         if type(url) is type("") or type(url) is type(u""):
>             host, selector = splithost(url)
>             if host:
> Or maybe this has been fixed in Python 2.1?

No, it hasn't. Please submit a patch to
sourceforge.net/projects/python. I recommend you start from the
current code base, though - using types.UnicodeType is much better
than type(u""). I normally write this as

          if type(url) in [types.StringType, types.UnicodeType]


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