Jython is cool?

Michael Bacarella mbac at nyct.net
Thu Mar 22 16:39:54 CET 2001


	When I first read about Jython, what immediately popped
into my head was that you get a Python interpreter written in Java
that you can say, embedd in a web page and pass a parameter which says
which python script to execute.


<applet code="jython_interpreter">
	<param name="script" value="clock.py">
	<param name="use_precompiled" value=0>


	I find myself frustrated by Java which is why the thought of
doing web applets in Python was so exciting. Unfortunately, it seems
that in downloading Jython, a JDK is still required.

	Has someone already done this/is it already possible and I just
didn't look at the package well enough or am I out of luck until I
bite the bullet some day and implement it myself?


Michael Bacarella <mbac at nyct.net>
Technical Staff / System Development,
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