should i or shouldnt i?

Juergen Bocklage juergen0509 at
Sun Mar 4 22:07:42 CET 2001

Fist take a look at the tutorial which comes with the python
When you still think that you need a book, I'm happy with the Quick
Python Book from Daryl Harms and Kenneth Mc Donald. 
Also the is a online book Dive into Python from Mark Pilgrim
(, which makes a good impression.

- JB

matt wrote:
> i'm doing a course which revolves around smalltalk, but the pace is a bit slow for me.
> i was thinking of tackling another language to fill the hours and wondered about python.
> am i mad or would it be a good idea? what can python offer me? if theres 1 book to buy (ive already downloaded eckels book), which should it be?
> i run win98 and linux.
> thanks

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