Has anyone been able to convince Bruce Eckel to write "Thinking in Python"

Mark Pilgrim f8dy at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 2 15:59:57 CET 2001

"Bruce Eckel" <Bruce at EckelObjects.com> wrote in message
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> See:
> http://www.mindview.net/Python/ThinkingInPython.html

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Sounds very promising.  Until this project gets underway, may I humbly
suggest my free book, "Dive Into Python":

It is targeted at programmers who have some experience at least one other
language (Java, Perl, C++, Delphi, Powerbuilder, or even just Visual Basic)
who can build on that experience to learn Python quickly.  It is organized
around annotated code examples, and it has "futher reading" links in each
section to relevant resources elsewhere on the web.  3 chapters are already
complete; more are coming.

You're smart; why haven't you learned Python yet?

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