help with passing arguments to published objects a la Zope

Eugene Leitl Eugene.Leitl at
Wed Mar 28 17:56:16 CEST 2001

...but without Zope.

I'm trying to build an application with an embedded webserver, so far with
limited success. Frozen is ideal in terms of performance
and footprint, the more so, since I can trap access to fake document in
the URI to a python method, packing the bulk of the application into a
single binary.

However, is there a simple mechanism, allowing me to pass arguments
via the URI, as well as use the CGI module (i.e. to parse arguments into a
dictionary)? For instance, I've got a java applet passing on information
via a POST method. This seems to be done wia a JavaScript
document.submitform.action, which calls a cgi-bin script. Assuming, I'll
trap a call to that document tree, where will the POSTed stuff be
coming through, STDIN?

What about arguments passed via the standard

scheme. How can I get at them, preferably mapped to function parameters?

The all singing/dancing/juggling Zope is too fat for my needs (and I might
have to support a lot of weird platforms, starting with AIX, where it may
not even build), as is Medusa. If it's impossible to add this
functionality to CGIHTTPServer without jumping through a lot of hoops, I
guess I could use Medusa/Bobo. It's still plain Python, so I only need to
get Python to build.

If I could get Bobo, that is. It seems to have vanished into Zope's
entrails. I'm browsing through Zope's source tree right now, and can't
even find it. Gah.

So, what are my options? Some help would be really appreciated.



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